Comerç detallista amb cadenes de proveïment eficients i sostenibles

  • El lloc de trobada per als líders de tots els sectors minoristes d'arreu del món
  • Hi prendran part més de 1000 persones de l'elit mundial de la venda al detall
El Congrés Mundial del sector detallista es fa a Barcelona els propers 6-8 de maig i s'hi parlarà entre altres de temes de responsabilitat social com els següents:

Making sustainability good business
    Date/Time: 06 May 2009

    Session Details

    The business of sustainability continues to dominate corporate strategy as retailers strive to create competitive advantage, achieve cost efficiencies and positively impact the bottom line. Led by The Retail Strategy Council, this session will reveal how some of the world’s leading retailers are continuing to develop strategies around sustainability and why this makes good business.


  • W Sean Ford, Vice President, Global Business Unit, Oracle

    Panelists include:

  • Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Corporate and Legal Affairs Director, Tesco

  • David Shriver, Former Special Advisor to the CEO, Carrefour

  • Andrew Jennings, Managing Director Retail, Woolworths South Africa

  • Guy Champniss, Head of Intelligence Unit, Havas Media

    Efficient and sustainable supply chains
      Date/Time: 07 May 2009

      Session Details

      Business is increasingly under the ethical spotlight, being held accountable not just for their own supply chain but also suppliers’ ethical lapses. Consumer diligence, the 2007 Bali Treaty and political initiatives demand new approaches and collaboration. This session will drill into the most critical areas of the ethical supply chain agenda.

      Facilitated by:

    • Martin Christopher, Professor of Marketing and Logistics, Cranfield School of Management

    • Panellists include:

    • Duncan Kendal, Head of Supply Operations, Argos

    • Sean Feeney, Director of Logistics, DSG International

    • Neil Kearney, Chairman, International Textile, Leather, and Garment Workers Federation, NGO

    • Web del Congrés: www.worldretailcongress.com