JosepMaria Canyelles 

Retired professionals can provide expertise to many enterpreneurs having ideas but lacking experience. Thousands of them are already doing so
 JosepMaria Canyelles 

Having dinner with senior volunteers that offers nonprofit consultancy to Entrepreneurs and NGOs
 JosepMaria Canyelles 

Having dinner in the 15th WORLD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SENIOR EXPERT SERVICES in Barcelona - Catalonia

Barcelona, 20th and 21st October 2011
Thursday 20th of October 2011
  • 14h30 : Registration to the Conference at “La Llotja”  Pg. Isabel II, 2    Barcelona
  • 15h00 : “WELCOME” ; JOSEP BUISAN, VAE President
  • 15h30 : “The Mediterranean policy of the European Union: The Mediterranean Union
                        CARLES A. GASÒLIBA, President of the Spanish Committee of the European League for Economic                         
                               Cooperation and President of its Mediterranean Committee. Member European Parlament (1986-2004)
  • 16h15 : Coffee Break
  • 16h45: “Europe of the volunteers and the entrepreneurship. Europe of the citizens
                MARC GUERRERO, Vice-President of the European Liberal and Democrat Party.
                Board member of Consell Catalá del Moviment Europeu.
  • 17h30: “The contribution of the rule of law to democracy, peace and justice. How lawyers effectively
                               Cooperate and volunteer around the world
                               RAMON MULLERAT, Former President of the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of European
                               Union. Chair of the Council of the European International Senior Lawyer Project.
  • 18h15:  Visit to “La Llotja” building.
Friday 21st of October 2011
  • 9h00 : “ Cooperation, Solidarity, Commitment
               ARIADNA BARDOLET, Deputy Director of International Programmes," La Caixa" Foundation 
  • 10h00 : “Volunteers and Catalan Cooperation
                CARLES LLORENS, General Director of Cooperation and Development. Secretaría d’Affers Exteriors
             Generalitat de Catalunya
  • 10h45 : Coffee Break
  • 11h15 : “Value dimensions of cooperation
                       JOSE Mª CERVERA, International Director of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • 12h00 : “ Corporate Social Responsibility in the European Union
               SUSAN BIRD, Policy Coordinator in the European Commission’s DG for Employment, Social Affairs and         
  • 13h00 : Business Lunch
  • 14h30: “Barcelona City Council International Cooperation Policy. Institutional Capacity Building Programmes
               JORGE A. CORTÉS, Responsible of Multilateral Cooperation. Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • 15h15 : “ A world scale of the International cooperation programmes of the European Union
               FRANCESC GRANELL, Professor of International Economic Organisation (U.B.). Honorary General                                                        Director of   the European Commission. Former Director of the Directorate General of Development
                and the Task Force for Enlargement.
  • 16h00 :” Management Improvement: How to start
                      LLUCIÀ TORRAS, Responsible of Social Projects in Pere Tarrés Foundation
  • 16h45 : “ Closure
              JAN ROBEN, President of CESES