Building capacity in Catalonia

  • New project to make SMEs more sustainable
65 small companies across Catalonia will be given a sustainability boost thanks to a new project of the General Council of the Chambers of Commerce of Catalonia and GRI.

Eleven large companies based in and around Barcelona, including Nestle, Mango and the Port of Barcelona, have signed up to a program to help their suppliers – all small and medium enterprises in the local area – learn to operate more sustainably and be transparent about their performance. Each company has selected between two and nine suppliers to train and all are from different industries/sectors.

GRI aims to make sustainability reporting standard practice by providing guidance and support to companies, driving its vision of a sustainable global economy. GRI runs a capacity building program to help groups of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) report their sustainability performance. This project is part of this program, and will help SMEs locally, contributing to a more sustainable economy globally.

Mr. Enrique Torres, Senior Manager Training & Coaching Programs at GRI said: “This project will have a positive impact on the local economy and buyer-supplier relationships in Catalonia. Small companies are just as important as large ones in the drive towards a sustainable global economy. With so many different industries involved in this new project, we are very excited about learning together, and sharing the knowledge throughout our global network.”

GRI’s work with supply chains has resulted in some remarkable improvements in sustainability practices worldwide. These improvements are featured in a new publication launched this week – Global Action, Local Change – Moving towards Sustainable Supply Chains.

“Sustainability is important because we cannot dissociate economics from the environment and social issues,” said Ms. Carla Canseiro from Pinto e Bentes, a supplier of Energias de Portugal. Through the reporting process the company gained valuable insights about its non-financial performance and made commitments to reducing fuel, electricity and water consumption. Pinto e Bentes believes the sustainability report helps them to attract new clients who are increasingly aware of sustainability issues.

GRI works with companies, associations and other groups worldwide to improve sustainability in the supply chain. Visit GRI's webiste to learn more about the Global Action Network or contact GRI at