CSR: Benefits for SMEs

From RESSORT project:


What can social responsibility bring to a Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise?

For SMEs, CSR means a medium- and long-term voluntary strategy of close relations with the stakeholders, focused on obtaining a return on efforts made by means of a permanent improvement, better differentiation and reputation for the company, easier access to financing and the achievement of a greater level of sustainability for the business project in the long term.

What are the concrete benefits for SMEs that adopt CSR measures?

Measures to improve the work-life balance of the company's employees help to:
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve employee involvement and motivation
  • Increase productivity
Managing the diversity of people working for the company contributes to:
  • Improving the atmosphere in the workplace and reducing internal conflict
  • The mutual enrichment and bonding of teams
  • Widening perspectives on policies, products and services
The quality of working conditions in terms of contracting, payment, continuing professional training, promotion and participation are useful for:
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • A good atmosphere in the workplace
  • The quality of products and services and of customer service
The contracting and integration into the company of disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities and/or at risk of exclusion means:
  • The involvement of highly-motivated people who are very committed to the company
  • The projection of a positive image to society and the company gaining public recognition
  • Benefiting from tax reductions
Respect for the environment beyond the legal requirements leads to:
  • More efficient management and saving of resources
  • Improvement in production processes and an incentive to innovate
  • A better corporate image, which could lead to increased demand and higher profits
Investment in health and safety brings with it:
  • A reduction in workplace risks and absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • A good corporate image and the minimising of the negative effects of accidents
Having a good relationship with clients and supplier entities and companies generates:
  • Greater client loyalty and satisfaction
  • The acceptance of a price that incorporates the added value of CSR
  • Competitive advantage to attract the best supplier entities and companies
Cooperation between the company and the territory enables:
  • Improved corporate image in the local area
  • The local client's loyalty to be gained
  • Representativeness in local decision-making processes
Transparency and good governance are repaid with:
  • Improved relations with all of the interested parties
  • Greater involvement of the interested parties in solving problems
  • Greater ease in obtaining external financing
Sponsorship, involvement in the community and social action allow the company:
  • To have its values associated with the brand image
  • To achieve prestige, social legitimacy and value in the local area
  • To benefit from tax reductions