Driving Innovation & Value through Responsible & Sustainable Business

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Driving Innovation & Value through Responsible & Sustainable Business

Barcelona, Catalonia, 18 - 19 October 2012

RSB Event is business and value centred, focused on empowering you and your company with step-by-step insight on all aspects of successful CSR implementation; from Strategy to Employee Engagement, to Metrics and Reporting, to Future and Value Creation.

Sustainability and Responsibility are not passing trends; they are the philosophical and practical lynchpins of future business success. Join us for this vital event and secure your company’s prospects.

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How is RSB Event Different?
• Loyalty Points to thank you and encourage you to choose Impact Five Group events in the future.
• Access to quality contacts and specific CR&S information to support you on your journey.
• Boutique Event feel: limited number of delegates, controlled quantity of sponsors, superior quality venue and organisation.
• 10% of your delegate fees will be donated to a charity through the Impact Five Group CSR policy.

RSB Event focuses on CR&S that deliver tangible ROI.

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What You Will Learn
• The steps necessary to achieve the ambitious aim of becoming “green innovation company no 1”.
• How to reinforce global CSR strategy whilst reflecting local values.
• How to create and measure sustainable value whilst ensuring economic success and ROI.
• How to gain a competitive advantage through integrating CR and sustainability into overall business strategy.
• How to engage all stakeholders, how to manage all aspects of CR and sustainability communication in a global company.
• And much more!

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Who Attends?

Suggested Job Titles include, but are not limited to, SVP, VP, Director, Head, Manager

• Corporate Social Responsibility.
• Corporate Communications.
• Governmental & Public Affairs Policy.
• CEO, Managing Director.
• Chief Sustainability Officer.
• Employee Engagement.
• Chief Financial Officer.
• Innovation and R&D.
• Supply Chain.
• Reporting.