I adhere to the code of deontology of the profession of consultancy on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

This Code of deontology of the profession of consultancy on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability has been promoted by a group of people who work professionally in this sector. We  made it by ourselves as concerned individuals, as it corresponds to a personal and not a corporate commitment. You can see other people that collaborated to write it, and all those others who have adhered to it.

This commitment adds to
others that I have also adhered and are incorporated in my Code of Ethics.

Code of deontology:
As a CSR consultant, my purpose is to act as promoter, inspirer and transmitter of knowledge to help my clients make decisions that meet, at the same time, the current and future needs of organizations, planet and society.

Therefore, I pledge to:
  • Behave ethically and with the utmost integrity. My personal behavior will be governed by the integrity and consistency with the values of ethics and CSR.
  • Promote the integration of CSR in organizations, in order to create value promoting the common good. I will keep updated on new developments that occur in my field. Also, given the interdisciplinary, holistic and cross-functional approach of CSR, I will promote collaboration, search and integration in this area of people, knowledge and experience from other fields.
  • Avoiding conflict of interest in the exercise of my profession. I will refuse creating or promoting proposals and initiatives that lead me to be both judge and interested party. Also, I will refuse to participate in projects that serve to mask, hide or justify actions contrary to the principles of CSR.
  • Defending the legitimate interests of my clients while keeping my independence and my commitment to CSR. The principles and values that guide relationships with my clients will be confidentiality, honesty, trust and common good.
  • Promoting that my clients integrate CSR in their company culture, governance, strategy, products, services and operations in general. I will accompany my clients in the process of integrating CSR in their company culture. I will see that both their internal activities and their external relationships, such as their stakeholder engagement, be consistent with the values of CSR.
  • Showing the utmost respect for the work of fellow CSR professionals in my consulting activities. I will defend responsible consulting practice and I will promote cooperation over competition.
  • Acting as a change agent. My contribution to organizations’ CSR will provide technical advice and seek transformation for the common good. It will also support that legal frameworks are aligned with the principles of CSR and the common good.
You can find the Code in this link and adhere to it by filling this form.
Translation from Juan Villamayor blog