Catalan peace organisations support independence process

In an unprecedent initiative, leaders of all peace organisations of Catalonia shared a press conference on september 10th together with ANC, the National Catalan Assembly to support and encourage popular participation in the demonstration for independence organised next day in coincidence of the Catalan National Day (September 11th).

Pepe Beunza, first non-religious conscientious objector in 1971, Alfons Banda, president of Fundació per la Pau, Arcadi Oliveres, president of Justicia i Pau and Jordi Tolrà, president of Moviment per la Pau signed a public declaration stressing that the mouvement organised by ANC expresses full comittement to the peaceful, non-violent and civic desobedience values.

Alfons Banda remembered Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful leadership towards the independence of India. Pepe Beunza claimed for a joyful, familiar and tranquil demonstration and remembered Martin Luther King's inspiring leadership in the 60's. Arcadi Oliveres remarked that the new european state catalan independentists are claiming is described as one without an army, like Iceland or Costa Rica. Jordi Tolrà evoqued the 20 years struggle against military service in Catalonia and told there are many good practices to be learnt from the elimination of the military service process that can be helpful for the new process.

Next day, september 11th, 1.500.000 citizens (according to the police) demonstrate  in the streets of Barcelona claiming just for Independendance and waving catalan flags with the white star in the blue triangle, a symbol for all who wants Catalonia to be a new state in the European Union.

Catalonian President, Artur Mas, stressed next day the lack of incidents and the familiar and peacefull atmosphere of the mach and declared that the national transition towards a self state has started in Catalonia and there is no way back.

Moviment per la Pau is happy to share our EBCO coleagues about the characteristics of the new catalan political scenario and to inform that has joined a working group, together with all the above mentioned peace organsitations to insure that this popular proces towards independence will be inspired and based in the principles of non-violence, peaceful resolution of conflicts and civic desobedience, and that the eventual new Catalonia should be a state without army.