Official poll establishes: '51'1% of Catalans would vote YES to the Independence'

Today the Catalan official 'Centre of Opinion studies' brought to the public its latest poll results and establishes that '51'1% of Catalans would vote YES to the Independence of Catalonia and only a minority of a 21'1% would vote NO. www.elpuntavui.cat

Beside the analysis and policy implications, citizenship awareness should lead some companies to think about how they manage their presence in Catalonia from the standpoint of their social responsibility. Is it socially responsible to act as executors of the unilateral interests of the state and to show degrading treatment towards its own customers and employees on matters such as respect for diversity and language?

'To call for a Referendum about the Independence of Catalonia in Catalonia is a necessity or Catalans will be living under a political status only defended by a minority, a situation that doesn´t say much about the democratic mechanisms that we are ruled by. Democracy has to step foward and allow these milions of Europeans citizens to live according their long well defended will' Anna Arqué, spokesperson EPICat www.epicentres.info/index.php/what-s-going-on/item/58-official-poll-establishes-511-of-catalans-would-vote-yes-to-the-independence

Catalonia can not live under a constant democratic exceptionality. The Society of Legal Studies says "not for the courts to decide which language policy should be applied" and opted for a judicial system itself. Catalan Society of Legal Studies (SCEJ) believes that "Catalonia is not acceptable to live in a constant state of democratic exceptionality due to lack of  country-rooted institutions, collective rights and freedoms of citizens."

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