Technologies that force to alter your identity

Some languages ​​have a habit of writing some signs on the letters: it is especially the accents but also other signs.

It isn't done in English. That means that you can not write a word with an accent in technologies or some international systems, which are based on the English language.

One example is the URL and e-mail addresses, which some domains like "dot cat" got to solve.

But it's still possible to find things like this: you go to make a registration for a conference or to book a hotel room and you are not allowed to write your real name. The attached image belongs to a web form from a hotel in Birmingham in which I'll have to alter my identity. I'm not going to change my surname Pastó to Pasto (that means other things...). I refuse! I think I'm going to shorten it to Past, and even it'll look like English...

In fact, this problem can also be extended to some Spanish sites, even official ones, where if the text is capitalized does not let to put accent, according to the rule of the Castilian language that said it was mandatory only accentuate lowercase, what was due to a physical problem related to the ancient lead typography.