Don't miss the 5th Annual ARCS Research Conference hosted by the Haas Center for Responsible Business and the Berkeley-Haas School of Business, to be held Mon. April 29 - Wed. May 1 in Berkeley, California!

The Call for Papers (below) seeks submissions of unpublished working papers focused on business and sustainability issues (both social and environmental) from all disciplines and methodologies.

For information contact ARCS Managing Director, Erika Herz at herze@darden.virginia.edu. See also the ARCS web site Conferences page for updates, as well as for past conference programs.

We hope to see you in Berkeley!

Warm regards,

The ARCS Conference Program Committee


ARCS Fifth Annual Research Conference

Monday April 29 - Wednesday May 1, 2013
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, USA

This Haas Center for Responsible Business and Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) conference will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives interested in advancing research on corporate sustainability. This is the fifth annual conference of ARCS, a consortium of universities that seeks to provide data, tools and networking opportunities to researchers who are developing a greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to foster sustainable business. The conference builds on the successful Fourth Annual ARCS Conference hosted by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) last spring.

The conference welcomes unpublished working papers focused on business and sustainability (both social and environmental) from all disciplines and research areas. We are receptive to a wide range of perspectives and methods including empirical research, theory development, formal theoretical modeling, and experimental methods. We are particularly interested in papers that have implications for management, organizations and policy. Papers drawn from organizational theory, strategy, operations, sociology, psychology and decision making, law, economics, political science, and other fields are within the realm of the conference.

Examples of suitable topics include non-market strategy, climate change management, sustainability reporting and disclosure, green supply chains, green marketing, sustainable finance, renewable energy investments, business/NGO partnerships, sustainable mobility, social dimensions of sustainability, cleantech innovation, green entrepreneurship, sustainable natural resource management, and "base of the pyramid" development strategies.

The ARCS Conference will be preceded on April 29 by The ARCS Forum, a roundtable discussion for scholars and business leaders focused on how sustainability research can best inform business practice. The conference will begin with a pre-dinner reception on April 29th, and conclude mid-afternoon on May 1st.

Submission Information:  DEADLINE Monday, January 21st, 2013
Please e-mail submissions to Erika Herz (herze@darden.virginia.edu).  The program will be announced in February.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions must be working papers not yet accepted for publication, 30 pages or less in length (double-spaced, 11 pt font). Papers must include an abstract, as well as the Supplemental Information below. Submissions will be considered for two presentation opportunities:

1) Full-length paper presentations (20 minutes), which are appropriate for relatively advanced work with clear conclusions.

2) Research sketches (egg-timer sessions), which allow you to present a five-minute summary of your work to the entire ARCS audience, making it easy to connect with others who share your interests.  These are appropriate for work at any phase of the research process, from completed work to research in its early stages.

For Doctoral Students:
In addition to being considered for full-length paper presentations and research sketches, doctoral students have two additional opportunities to present and receive feedback on work.  The names of students participating in each of these options will appear on the conference program.

1) Poster Session
The Poster Session allows you to present your work in an informal setting during the cocktail hour before dinner.  This is appropriate for work that has at least preliminary conclusions that can be presented concisely in a poster format.

2) Research Roundtables
These are designed to offer doctoral students one-on-one oral feedback on work in progress from senior scholars in the field. Students can opt for feedback on (1) research questions and hypotheses, or (2) research methods.  Tables organized around research questions will emphasize breadth and engage faculty members from multiple disciplines; tables organized around methods will emphasize depth, and engage faculty members with deep knowledge of specific approaches.  Other conference participants will also be invited to join roundtables of their choice.

Conference Location and Contacts
Conference  location: Haas School of Business, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA
General questions about the conference and ARCS: ARCS Managing Director Erika Herz  
Conference Chair:  Professor David Vogel, Haas School of Business
ARCS Forum Chair: Andrew King, Tuck School of Business
Conference Oversight: Haas Center for Responsible Business Executive Director Jo Mackness
Program Committee: Tima Bansal (Western Ontario), Lori Bennear (Duke), Dylan Minor (Northwestern), Glen Dowell (Cornell), Marian Chertow (Yale), Andrew Hoffman (Michigan), Andrew King (Dartmouth), Mike Lenox (Virginia), Tom Lyon (Michigan), John Maxwell (Indiana), Eric Orts (Penn), Craig Smith (INSEAD), John Sterman (MIT), Mike Toffel (Harvard), and David Vogel (Cal-Berkeley).

Conference Expenses
The conference registration fee is:
$250 for ARCS individual members ($100 for doctoral students).
$300 for individual non-members of ARCS (includes $50 ARCS individual membership). 

Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses for the conference. Registration fees include all conference meals.

About ARCS
ARCS is a professional society of scholars studying the interface between business and sustainability. Faculty members, doctoral students, and researchers from any university or academically-oriented institutes and think-tanks are welcome to become ARCS individual members.

ARCS was established to provide data, tools and networking opportunities to researchers who are developing greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to foster sustainable business. ARCS is also an alliance of schools and institutes at major universities that share a strong commitment to research on business and sustainability.  Members include U California-Berkeley, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Indiana, INSEAD, U Michigan, MIT, Northwestern, U Pennsylvania, U Virginia, U Western Ontario and Yale.

Supplemental Information for Paper Submissions
Please send your submission as a pdf file, using the last name of the primary contact as the filename.

1) Paper title:

2) Filename:

3) Author(s) name and affiliation:

4) Presenter name:

5) Primary contact name and e-mail (One person only):

6) Topic (10 words or less):

7) Preferences: Please indicate your preferences for presentation format by marking all of the formats for which you are interested in being considered.  If you mark more than one option, the Conference Committee will match you with the format deemed best suited for your work.

Faculty and doctoral students:
_ Please consider my paper for a presentation slot.
_ Please consider my paper for a Research Sketch (egg-timer session).

Additional options for doctoral students only:
_ Please consider my paper for the poster session.
_ Please consider my paper for a research roundtable on Research Questions and Hypotheses.
_ Please consider my paper for a research roundtable on Research Methods. 

8)  Topic (please check those that apply):
_ Accounting
_ Certification Programs
_ Creation and Development of Environmental Markets
_ Economics
_ Environmental Finance
_ Innovation and Entrepreneurship
_ Law and Ethics
_ Management/Strategy: economics oriented
_ Management/Strategy: OB/OT/organizations oriented
_ Marketing
_ Operations/Supply Chain
_ Public Policy
_ Real Estate
_ Sustainable Resource Management
_ Other (please specify)

9)  Method (please check those that apply):
_ Analytical Model
_ De/Inductive Theory Building
_ Empirical: qualitative
_ Empirical: quantitative
_ Non-Empirical: qualitative
_ Non-Empirical/Conceptual: qualitative
_ Other (please specify)

We look forward to receiving your paper submission for the 2013 ARCS Conference!
-The ARCS Conference Program Committee

Erika K. Herz
Managing Director, ARCS